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Dionne & Terri

Dionne O’Neil

Dreams do come true, and fairy godmothers really do exist!

Meet Dionne, originally from California, she is the consummate bridal stylist that never fails to bring her unique, and fresh style to each bride she meets. With a fashion-forward perspective, she makes it her goal to curate the latest bridal fashions from several different designers, creating in a diverse and exciting collection of beautiful gowns for our local brides. With a love of fashion and a grand imagination, Dionne has the ability to make magic happen every day! Magic wand aside…she literally makes fairy tales come true!

“Helping brides bring their visions into reality, is something that truly fulfills me,” says Dionne. “And sometimes brides are unsure of what their vision actually is.  Understanding a bride’s personality, their body type, and who they are as a woman helps me to guide her into creating a vision that allows her to truly express her best self on the most important day of her life.  And seeing the finished product, where all the colors and beauty come together on a brides wedding day, makes it all worthwhile.”

Terri Zacha

Originally from Dallas/Ft Worth, Terri brings a unique and metropolitan fashion perspective to the Shreveport area. Her love of fashion and business savvy makes her well suited for the bridal industry. Terri’s attention to detail and love of math and numbers helps to keep the backend running smoothly, but occasionally she still manages to work with brides.

“I was quite surprised at how gratifying it would be working with brides. Getting to know a bride and her family and helping them to find the gown their daughter will wear on her wedding day, is just such a rewarding experience. Being a mother and a grandmother, I get to see the experience from a different perspective. It reminds me of helping my own daughter select her gown…and how important that time was for our family. I love being a small part of creating a wonderful experience for a bride and her family…one of the memories she will carry on from her wedding” says Terri.